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The advantages of a textile motorcycle suits

We would like to introduce you to the different types of textile suits. Textile suits do not only differ in form and colour, but also in their function:

The lightweight textile combi - for summer when it's really hot

For all good-weather riders there are light textile combis which have no membrane (no wind and weather protection). These usually have many mesh inserts for better ventilation on particularly hot days.

The light textile suit with membrane

For a weekend tour in fine weather, a textile suit with removable membrane is just the thing. At dawn, the membrane protects against wind and moisture and can be easily removed during the first stop. The membrane itself can be folded up to a small size and stored either in the back pocket of the jacket or in the luggage pocket. If there is rain, the membrane can easily be reattached to the jacket to keep the motorcyclist dry.

Firm membrane - removable thermal lining

Some textile jackets have a strong membrane, which means that the wind and weather protection is sewn under the abrasion-resistant outer layer of the jacket. This keeps the rider dry at all times, but allows him to control the ventilation through different openings. Depending on the customer's needs, these jackets are available with or without a removable thermal lining. This depends on the one hand on how fast the biker freezes, or in which seasons he turns motorcycle tours.

3-piece motorcycle jackets

There are very special models for year-round drivers. These consist of 3 different layers.

1. abrasion-resistant outer material with ventilation options
2. removable membrane (in different qualities depending on the price range)
3. removable thermal lining

With this jacket the biker is perfectly equipped for all seasons and can change the jacket if necessary. Most of these adaptable jackets have a belt or other adjustment options to make the jacket fit tighter and prevent fluttering.
Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer laminate

An absolute highlight is the invention of the 3-layer laminate by Rukka in cooperation with Gore-Tex. The Gore-Tex membrane was "laminated" with the outer layer. This means that the outer material cannot absorb water in the first place and the water rolls off directly. The driver does not feel any rain. Due to this combination of membrane and outer fabric, the driver does not get a cold feeling of moisture while driving. No matter how long the biker rides or how heavy the rain is, the 3-layer laminate keeps him warm and dry, a proper functional underwear can reinforce this.

Due to its excellent breathability, wearing a Gore-Tex Pro 3-layer laminate jacket is a real experience even in changing warm temperatures. In addition, the motorcyclist can control the temperature even while riding thanks to purposefully positioned ventilation slits. It is recommended to wear an Outlast functional underwear even in changing weather conditions, so that it "transports" sweat and warmth away from the body or warms it when needed and helps the jacket to achieve its high breathability. Cotton restricts this.

Gore-Tex - You can't drive better in rain

We would like to introduce you to the membrane Gore-Tex. This membrane is only used in the exclusive models of motorcycle clothing. A membrane is the part in every jacket, trousers, shoes or gloves that protects the rider from rain and wetness. But how long exactly does a membrane keep the biker dry? This depends on the water column and how much pressure the membrane can withstand.

Gore-Tex has the highest water column of all membranes developed to date. This water column is 28,000 mm. Just as an example, a product is waterproof from a water column of 800 mm. A journey through the rain releases completely new forces, when sitting on a wet bench the pressure corresponds fast to a water column of approx. 2000 mm.

A big advantage of the Gore-Tex is that this is the only open-pored membrane. This means that the membrane lets perspiration through in the form of steam. Under optimum conditions, the pores of the Gore-Tex membrane allow up to 20 litres of water vapour - sweat in the form of vapour - to pass through.

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