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Today's motorcyclist will find a wide selection of different motorcycle helmets on the market. When thinking about buying a motorcycle helmet, there are a few factors to consider before making the right purchase decision. After all, the helmet should not only fit the personal riding style and fashion taste, other factors such as safety and fit also play an important role.

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Buying a motorcycle helmet - What to look out for?
The first important point when buying a helmet is that the future headgear must meet the rider's riding style requirements. The right choice starts with the question for which type of motorcycle I need the helmet. The rider of a chopper may prefer a classic jet helmet with enough room for sunglasses and a scarf. For enduro and motocross lovers, who like to move off the beaten track, there are special cross helmets, with and without hinged visor, but always with sufficient chin protection. Of course, the sports rider wants a model that is as streamlined and light as possible in order to get the last seconds out of the circuit, and the mile-eating touring rider will opt for an integral helmet or a flip-up helmet.
Once the first hurdle has been cleared and the decision on the type of helmet has been made, one is faced with a mass of manufacturers and brands that should not be underestimated. Here applies: Safety goes before price. In any case, it is advisable to buy a helmet from a brand manufacturer. Cheap no-names should be strongly discouraged here. Only well-known brand manufacturers of motorcycle helmets have the know-how and the necessary measuring equipment, so that in the event of a fall or impact the head of the motorcyclist is optimally protected.
Provided, of course, that the helmet fits the rider's head perfectly. If the helmet sits too loosely on the head, it can slip laterally or upwards in a collision, which can lead to serious injuries to the cervical spine due to the leverage effect. If the choice is too tight, it can be difficult for the emergency helper to remove the helmet - not to mention the fact that constant pressure on the driver's head does not necessarily contribute to concentration in road traffic.
And what colour and design? It's probably the personal taste, the design of the bike and the colour of the existing motorcycle clothing that decides. Please note: meanwhile almost all manufacturers offer decors in modern colours - good for safety and being seen!
Which helmet is the right one for me?
One thing first: helmets are mandatory for all motorised two-wheelers with a maximum speed of more than 20 kilometres per hour. In Germany, wearing a motorcycle helmet has been regulated by law since 1976. This obligation was introduced for moped riders two years later. In 1985 the helmet obligation for moped riders was introduced. The helmet must be able to protect the head of the driver or co-driver from life-threatening injuries in the event of an accident.
Once again the subject of safety
Those who often want to travel fast should pay attention to the aerodynamic strengths of a helmet. The less pressure the airstream exerts on the head, the more freedom of movement there is. In addition, low wind noise inside not only creates a feel-good atmosphere, but also increases the safety of the motorcycle helmet. Those who perceive a lot from the outside can also react more quickly. Another safety aspect is that the field of vision of the helmet should be as large as possible and that it should possibly be suitable for spectacles - even for sunglasses if the helmet does not already have an integrated sun visor. The shock absorption values of the helmet must be within an optimum range. An excellent fit, reflective elements on the helmet and the integrated sun visor mentioned above also increase safety and thus carefree cornering fun.    
Comfort and Touring Suitability
The first comfort factor to consider when buying a comfortable motorcycle helmet is the lining. It must feel comfortable and should not be perceived as disturbing. If a hot climate zone like Italy or southern France is on the agenda for your next motorcycle holiday, you should pay attention to a good ventilation system and an optimal distribution and control of the ventilation flaps so that the air flow can be individually adjusted.
Especially on longer tours the weight of the helmet should not be perceived as a burden: the heavier the helmet, the more pressure is exerted on the neck muscles at higher speeds. This can lead to fatigue after a while.
And one more word about helmet communication systems: no matter if alone or rather in company, a communication system offers many possibilities. From group entertainment to connection to the navigation system or smartphone, everything is possible. Great for exchanging information about what has been experienced in real time.
Take your time before buying your motorcycle helmet and browse our online catalogue. There you will find the decisive details for each helmet with regard to the features and equipment of the selected motorcycle helmet.

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