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Motorcycle boots - which types?

We offer you a large selection of boots and shoes which are suitable for motorcycling. The right choice should not be underestimated: motorcycle boots differ a lot in appearance and function, depending on which area. I would like to introduce you to our four categories:

Motorcycle shoes suitable for everyday use

Motorcycle shoes are not always distinguishable from normal sneakers. For a motorcycle shoe indispensable are a gear reinforcement and an ankle protection. Nevertheless, a motorcycle shoe can also look young and modern. These shoes are especially suitable for beginners. Whether airy light, or rather waterproof, everything is possible here: ride to school on a motorcycle or scooter without having to take spare shoes with you, or just eat ice cream in town. Fast, safe, modern, fashion.

Touring boots

The touring boot can do almost anything, either short and only with ankle protection, or even slightly higher with additional shin protection. Touring boots are always waterproof. High quality Gore-Tex is a must for touring enthusiasts, breathable but still dry. Of course, other membranes are also used to be able to offer waterproof motorcycle boots for every price class.

Black is the most common colour for touring boots, but not all are the same: there are also big differences in design and comfort. Nowadays it is not only important to have dry feet and be able to shift gears well, comfort is just as important. No matter if you stop at a restaurant or a viewing platform, a comfortable wearing feeling while walking has also become a decisive factor in your purchase.

Sport boots

With the sport boots it becomes again multicolored. The colour of the boots will be adapted to the leather suits of the manufacturers. No matter if red, yellow or black/white, the more conspicuous, the better. The choice of colour is very important for sports boots, but the safety aspect is much more important: sports boots are designed for high speeds and therefore have to withstand special requirements. Some sports boots have an inner shoe to ensure optimum support. Joints are installed at the moving parts to enable fast gear changes. A few models even have a membrane. Interchangeable or fixed grinders are part of the basic equipment and a suitable model can be found for every requirement and every purse.

Cross or enduro boots

Mud, dirt and water... the cross boot doesn't care about any of that. Hardly a motorcycle boot has such a high shaft, because here no simple ankle protection is sufficient any more. Rugged terrain requires special shoes. The right cross boot has several individually adjustable fasteners. Waterproof, of course, so that riding through mud and dirt is really fun.

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