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The perfect motorcycle glove, is there one? Almost every motorcyclist has several gloves, depending on requirements and temperatures. Therefore we would like to present you gloves for different uses.

Sport gloves

With sports gloves, the focus is particularly on safety. The risk of injury is highest at high speeds. Especially many protectors on the backhand and a finger bridge between the ring finger and the little finger are important for many race track drivers. However, the appearance and comfort must not be neglected. Optically, the sports gloves are often adapted to the leather suits. Many sports gloves are already preformed to avoid unnecessary material in the palm. Some sports gloves are now made with kangaroo leather, this is particularly cuddly, abrasion-resistant and allows the driver a secure grip and a better feeling.

Touring Gloves

Tour drivers usually have two pairs of gloves with them. A light summer glove with good ventilation to maintain a secure grip even at high temperatures. These are available, for example, with mesh fabric or perforated leather. Ankle protection is also indispensable here. The second pair usually contains a membrane, so it is waterproof. During a longer tour you should always expect some rain. Touring gloves are available with a light or warm lining, which is up to the rider. Also with the waterproof gloves an ankle protection is usually present. For all touring cyclists who do not always want to take several gloves with them, there are also very special "two-chamber" gloves. The special feature, as the name suggests, is that there are two different chambers in the glove. One chamber is unlined and airy, and the other chamber is lined and waterproof. Without time-consuming searching for a second pair of gloves, only the corresponding chamber has to be changed and the tour can continue.

Winter gloves

For our "year-round drivers" we offer of course also different winter gloves. Winter gloves are of course waterproof and have a special thermal lining that keeps you warm even at low temperatures.

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