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How to buy a leather suit for motorcycling

Why a leather suit?

The leather suit - a piece of clothing that probably everyone in the biker scene knows. Leather is extremely resistant to abrasion, which usually distinguishes the leather suit from textile suits by an increased degree of safety. Decisive here are also the material thickness and the quality of the seams. Would you like to ride on a racetrack yourself? Anything is possible, but a leather suit is now almost everywhere a part of the conditions of participation. Leather suits are mostly made of cowhide leather. Some manufacturers also rely on high-quality kangaroo leather for the production of their suits.

One-piece vs. two-piece leathersuit

1. One-piece, perfect for the race track

The one-piece leather suit is very popular in the sporty area of the biker scene. Due to its shape adapted to the rider it offers a maximum of safety. Leather suits sit like a second skin, so that the slipping of the protectors is as good as impossible in an emergency case. With most leather suits a separate back protector is worn under the leather suit. The right size is also very important, the protector should protect everything from the neck to the tailbone. Getting in and out requires little practice. Bikers who are interested in an extremely sporty look and maximum safety will find their perfect solution here. Leather suits are also colour-matched to the current motorcycle models.

2. Two-piece, suitable for everyday use and touring

A two-piece leather suit offers more comfort in everyday life. The leather jacket and the leather trousers are connected with a zipper. During a break the jacket can be taken off comfortably. The abrasion resistance of the upper material is in no way inferior to that of the one-piece jacket. Stretch elements on the trousers and jacket optimize wearing comfort. There are models in which a back protector can be retrofitted in a specially designed pocket. On the other hand it is also possible to wear a separate back protector to protect the back in the best possible way. A two-piece leather suit is therefore recommended for motorcyclists who value sportiness, high safety and suitability for everyday use.

The leather suits of the pros - with airbag system

The first airbag leather suits were published in 2016/17. Through years of very cost-intensive development, the major manufacturers on the clothing scene have managed to constantly improve safety. The airbag systems are available in leather and textile jackets. The airbag is either already an integral part of the suit or jacket, or can be worn over it as a separate airbag vest. Airbag systems can be used in road traffic as well as on the racetrack and offer maximum safety everywhere.


Answering the questions about the right material, whether one- or two-piece, which design, and finally the different prices on the market decide which leather suit is the right one for me. One important point has to be added: the feel-good factor. After all, man is a creature of habit, and those who have ridden in leather motorcycles for many years will usually no longer want to do without the advantages of the leather suit.

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